Shipping Rates

Shipping rates by class and zone (subject to change)
Ship ClassZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
A (First Item) Lei10.00 Lei15.00 Lei20.00 Lei25.00 Lei30.00
A (Additional Items) Lei5.00 Lei8.00 Lei10.00 Lei15.00 Lei10.00
B (First Item) Lei15.00 Lei20.00 Lei30.00 Lei40.00 Lei50.00
B (Additional Items) Lei7.00 Lei10.00 Lei20.00 Lei20.00 Lei15.00
C (First Item) Lei40.00 Lei45.00 Lei50.00 Lei50.00 Lei50.00
C (Additional Items) Lei20.00 Lei25.00 Lei40.00 Lei25.00 Lei20.00
D (First Item) Lei30.00 Lei35.00 Lei40.00 Lei40.00 Lei40.00
D (Additional Items) Lei15.00 Lei25.00 Lei30.00 Lei20.00 Lei25.00
E (First Item) Lei50.00 Lei60.00 Lei70.00 Lei80.00 Lei90.00
E (Additional Items) Lei25.00 Lei30.00 Lei60.00 Lei40.00 Lei30.00
F (Free) Lei0.00